One of the priorities of our company is to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships that will enable us and our Partners to provide Customers a better and more comprehensive product.

Today we have a number of agreements which allow to render to our Clients all range of the services connected with transition to advanced technologies and systems of management of agricultural business.

Cooperation with Universities

We have developed a special licensing program for our software products for educational institutions. Under this initiative, software products and technologies for use in the educational process, under a license for educational institutions, are provided under the agreement on preferential terms.

Given the important role of geographic information technologies in education, schools must use in the process of learning only the most advanced software products and technologies for training of specialists able to work with technology of tomorrow. On the other hand, educational institutions tend to exist within a tight budget. The licensing program will provide an opportunity to use advanced GIS technologies in the educational process at discounted prices.

In order to receive a set of programmes for educational institutions, an official letter from the head of the educational institution must be sent by fax or e-mail indicating the number of workplaces and the obligation to apply the programmes for educational purposes.