Training center

Our company provides training on the basics of working with a line of agricultural GIS.

Course objective - mastering the basic principles and skills of building and editing electronic maps and databases of varying degrees of complexity, the solution of typical applications of agribusiness with tools of GIS "Panorama AGRO".

Duration and training program can be changed based on the wishes of the customer.

The program contains the basic principles and methods of work with GIS "Panorama AGRO", as well as other GIS, which are used to solve applied problems of agribusiness, and is formed depending on the specifics of the students. The course consists of practical classes that are combined with lectures. All work takes place at the computer. At the beginning of training each student is given a summary of the lecture material in printed form. The presentation of the new material is accompanied by demonstration videos and slides.

Training is carried out by practices - highly qualified specialists in the field of Geoinformatics, information and measuring systems, computer-aided design, mathematical modeling, architecture and urban planning, cartography, engineering communications, ecology and monitoring, etc. At the end of training the certificate of the established sample is issued.

The cost of training is negotiable. Visiting of specialist in the CIS countries is possible.

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Training center of KB "Panorama"

Noginsk, 117 Rogozhskaya str., office 1
Ph.: +7 (496) 519-4083, +7 (926) 662-0545, +7 (925) 705-0639