GIS "Panorama FARMING"

Set of programs GIS "Panorama FARMING" – a program that is designed to account for agricultural land and automation of management of agricultural enterprise.

Панорама Земледелие
Панорама Земледелие

Software tools included in the extended workplace include a professional set of tools for creating and editing electronic maps and a set of tools for maintaining a database of agricultural land – electronic corded book of economy.

GIS "Panorama FARMING" allows you to process data from other GIS, includes modes of automatic creation of objects, the task of the road graph, tools for creating and maintaining a digital classifier of agricultural land map, the transformation of the projections of the vector map and the transformation of raster data.

Панорама Земледелие

Main functions of the program:

  • Maintenance of regulatory and reference information;
  • Maintenance of field passports with reference to the year of harvest;
  • Binding to the map of land and enterprise infrastructure;
  • Creating and editing an electronic map;
  • Management of the electronic map and carrying out calculations on it;
  • Construction of thematic maps of individual indicators of land, based on the information provided in the field passports;
  • User access control;
  • Data exchange with external programs (1C, GPS);
  • Planning and accounting of technological operations in accordance with the established crop rotation:
    • preparation of the basic technological map of culture;
    • binding of the technological map to the fields in accordance with the crop rotation;
    • planning and automated accounting of technological operations;
    • plan-fact analysis of technological operations;
  • Formation of reports and statistical reports.