GIS "Panorama"

GIS "Panorama" - the universal geoinformation system having the tools for creating and editing digital maps, performing various measurements and calculations, construction of 3D models

processing of raster data, means for preparation of graphic documents in electronic and printed form, and also tools for work with databases..

Main functions of the program:

  • Creation of digital maps using a raster image of the original cartographic materials, remote sensing data, vector data, as well as field geodetic measurements;
  • Maintenance of digital classifier of conventional signs, logical distribution of all map objects into separate layers;
  • Processing raster images - raster integration of separate fragments into a single image, the mutual binding, binding of the raster image to the vector map, vectorization of raster image;
  • Import digital maps from exchange formats DXF/DBF, SHP/DBF, MID/MIF, KML, PLT;
  • Import of land cadastre information from exchange format files XML и IN4;
  • Search and selection of objects by name, type and characteristics;
  • Obtaining statistical data on a group of objects of certain types or having certain characteristics;
  • Connection of map objects with records of database tables, data analysis and creating the graphs, charts, thematic mapping;
  • Formation of the matrix of slopes and angles according to the matrixes of heights of terrain;
  • The ability to create and analyze graphs of the road network, determining the optimal routes;
  • Possibility of simultaneous access to data on viewing and editing in the local network of the Customer, and from a remote workplace on the TCP / IP, under management of GIS Server Mini, transaction logging;
  • Ability to work with external databases (via BDE / ODBC drivers): creation and configuration of user forms based on the built-in form constructor, organization of communication of map objects with database table records, macro and query generation; printing reports.

More information about the functionality of the program can be found in the documentation section.