Technique management

To date, agribusiness has a need for a comprehensive information management system of agricultural machinery. As practice shows, not always subordinates are in the place where they should be, do not always comply with the rules on technological operations, and everything comes down to large financial costs, namely: fuel, depreciation, failure to perform work in the prescribed time and many other factors.

Our products allow

1) Maintain directory on machinery, units, timing standards, sensors, personnel and others.

2) Keep records of routes, geozones, points, etc.


3) To form from the process charts the scheduled tasks for drivers and machine operators.


4) To carry out monitoring of movements of equipment and fuel consumption during the day, to conduct event monitoring.


5) Calculate the actual amount of work performed and bind it to particular fields of the farm.

6) Unload in "1C" actually performed works for formation of accounting and management reporting.


7) To hold plan / actual analysis.


The effect of the introduction

  • Accounting for actual work performed;
  • Integration of GPS-monitoring into a single automated enterprise management system (exchange with 1C);
  • Obtaining reliable and timely information about the operation of equipment;
  • Reduction of fuel costs up to 20%;
  • High-quality accounting of mileage, downtime, speed, fuel consumption, completed tasks, routes, etc.;
  • Event monitoring of equipment.