Satellite monitoring

Vast areas in the management of agricultural holdings is difficult to control due to the lack of accurate maps, the lack of the ability to conduct regular inspections of all fields. In addition, due to various natural processes, there is a constant change in the boundaries of acreage, soil characteristics and vegetation conditions in different fields and from site to site. All these factors prevent obtaining objective, timely information necessary to assess the current situation and make management decisions. Space survey is the most operational and accurate way to obtain information.

From the moment of the sowing campaign to the beginning of the harvest, farmers are most interested in the condition of crops in the fields - how the crop germinates, how the vegetation passes, is the crop ready for harvesting? In order to respond quickly to any risks, it is necessary to have reliable information on the state of crops at hand, which will allow for more effective coordination and control of the agronomic service, as well as to make more informed decisions.

Defining the contours of the fields

Our software allows you to process satellite images and get a complete picture of the state of the territory. This will make it possible to determine the actual boundaries and areas of cultivated fields, to identify unused land - built-up, wetland, overgrown with forest or shrub land. An understanding of the precise boundaries of the fields will allow you to adjust the budgeted expenditure in the fields more efficiently to control the implementation of technological operations by equipment.

Monitoring the condition of crops

The construction and use of precision farming systems requires a large number of regularly updated remote sensing data. Data for use in precision farming systems must have a high spatial resolution due to the small size of the objects under study, a high temporal resolution for monitoring the state of the land, and channels in ranges suitable for studying the state of the soil and biomass (either directly or through various vegetation indices).

For the convenience of end-producers, the products of KB Panorama: GIS WebServer AGRO, GIS "Panorama AGRO", "Workstation of agronomist" implemented satellite monitoring functions by obtaining geo-related values of vegetation indices, zoning maps and differentiated fertilizer application using an external service Geosys.