Accounting of the land Bank

Building a land Bank management system is the first and one of the most important steps for survival in today's market realities. The Manager needs to obtain objective information about the size and location of the land Bank, as well as be able to plan and manage changes in it.

Our software allows you to

1) Create a single map based on the import of exchange files, vector maps, rasters, connection of geoportals

2) Create a single registry of documents and link it to the map

3) Configure the classifier and display of objects on the map in the registry binding

4) To design a form for entering data, configure templates reports, contracts for the printing

5)Create a single repository of scanned documents and link them to an electronic map

6) Launch internal Web portal for land Bank management

The effect of the introduction

  • Reconciliation of really cultivated area with area according to documents;
  • Integration of data on lease agreements and charges on them into a single management system (exchange with 1C);
  • Automation of land/legal service;
  • Improving the quality of accounting, reducing the cost of legal support;
  • Reduce the cost of legal support of land relations through visualization and planning;
  • Operational and reliable information on the status of lease agreements (terms of lease agreements, terms, exchange, etc.);