Our products allow you to create a comprehensive management system of agricultural holdings, which can be configured based on the current state of the business and its needs.

Our programmers have developed one of the most productive and functional solutions on the world market. Based on the wishes of our customers, the product line is constantly being finalized and updated. With each new project the value of our products grows.

Main decision

  • GIS "Panorama" – the universal geoinformation system having the tools of creation and editing of electronic maps, performance of various measurements and calculations, construction of 3D models, processing of raster data, means of preparation of graphic documents in electronic and printed form, and also tools for work with databases;
  • GIS "Panorama AGRO"– it is intended for complex automation of management of the agricultural enterprise in branch of plant growing, combines functionality of GIS "Panorama FARMING" and GIS "Panorama AUTO";
  • GIS "Panorama FARMING" – it is intended for the account of lands of agricultural appointment and automation of management of agricultural system, provides maintaining passports of fields, planning and accounting of agrotechnical actions, preparation of tasks to drivers and machine operators, an exchange with external programs;
  • GIS "Panorama AUTO" – it is intended for monitoring of mobile objects and collecting information from the onboard equipment, sensors, planning of tasks and formation of data on actually performed works;
  • "Workstation of agronomist" – workstation of agronomist that allows you to edit map of fields, to keep the passports of fields, to process data of fields monitoring, to form thematic cartograms and also provides the tools for precision agriculture;
  • GIS Server – the program is intended to create a single database and provide remote access to map data of users of all the above systems;
  • GIS WebServer AGRO – it is intended to create a geoportal of the enterprise and provide remote access to authorized users through a standard web browser.

The use of these software products allows you to build an agricultural GIS enterprise, providing the performance of accounting functions, as well as information support for agricultural production.