GIS Server

GIS Server – the program is designed to create a single database and provide remote access to map data of users of the line "Panorama AGRO".

ГИС Сервер
ГИС Сервер

GIS Server can connect to databases of spatial data managed by DBMS, and provide their representation for clients in the form of vector maps in the specified symbols. To connect the GIS Server program to the database (DB), a service file of the DBM format is used. DBM file is built on XML structure and contains description of database connection parameters (database name, host and port number, etc).

Placing data on the server provides:

  • Remote access to vector maps, rasters and matrices;
  • Differentiation of user access to data;
  • Data protection against unauthorized reading, editing, copying, printing and spoofing;
  • Encryption of transmitted data with 256-bit key;
  • Support for offline work with cache data in case of loss of connection;