GIS "Panorama AUTO"

GIS "Panorama AUTO" – a program that is designed to monitor agricultural machinery and control fuel consumption.

ГИС Панорама АВТО
ГИС Панорама АВТО

GIS "Panorama AUTO" provides data reception from on-Board equipment installed on mobile equipment (monitoring facilities), processing of information from the sensors of the system, displaying the location of monitoring objects and their characteristics on the background of the map, preparation of tasks for drivers/machine operators, formation of information on actually performed works and exchange of information with external programs.

Main functions of the program:

  • Maintenance of regulatory and reference information;
  • Binding to the map of the logistics complex and infrastructure of the enterprise;
  • Creating and editing routes map and geozones;
  • The integrated subsystem of managing the graph of roads - definition of optimum routes of vehicles movement;
  • Management of the electronic map and carrying out calculations on it;
  • Planning and accounting of movement of vehicles and special equipment;
  • Control of movement of vehicles and special equipment in real time and scrolling history;
  • Formation and analysis of events of the monitored objects;
  • Analysis of monitoring indicators on charts;
  • Formation of reports and statistical repor;
  • User access control;
  • Data exchange with external programs (1C, GPS).